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 In this post of Short Sad Status read. Sad Love Quotes for WhatsApp, the collection of painful poetry which you will like very much.

Pain, separation, and infidelity are the ones that are found by most of the people who love, very few are those happy lucky lovers who get love instead of love. Those who get along with each other throughout life.

Sad Love Quotes 

And the same thing happens that today you come close to your heart and go away tomorrow, leaving you crying alone in the wilderness of the desert, only the memory remains. And these memories neither let us live nor let us die in peace.

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    About Sad Love Quotes

    “We accept the love 
    we think we deserve.” 

    Heart Touching Sad Love Quotes

    Sad Love Quotes Him

    Better to have loved and lost,
     than to have never loved at all.”

    Sad Love Quotes To Him

    Where there is love there is life.” 

    Short Sad Love Quotes

    “A loving heart is the truest wisdom.” 

    Sad Love Quotes Short

    Love all, trust a few,
     do wrong to none.”

    Sad Love Quotes For Him

    Heart Touching Sad Love Quotes

    “You call it madness
    but I call it love.” 

    Sad Love Quotes For Him

    “We can only learn to 
    love by loving.

    Sad Love Quotes About Him

    “A life lived in love will 
    never be dull.” 

    Sad Quotes About

    Sad Love Quotes To Her

    “Life is the flower for which
    love is the honey.”

    Sad Quotes About

    “All you need is love.”

    Sad Status 

    “True love stories never
     have endings.” 

    Sad Quotes Love

    Sad whatsapp status

    “Love is shown more in deeds 
    then in words.”

    Sad Quotes For Love

    Sad Quotes Love

    “Love is not a volunteer thing.”

    Sad Quotes For Love

    “Love is friendship on fire.”

    Sad Quotes About Love

    “Love is the ultimate expression
     of the will to live.” 

    Sad Quotes Of Love

    “Love is what makes
     the ride worthwhile.”

    Sad Quotes About Love

    Sad Quotes

    “The love we give away is
     the only love we keep.”

    Sad Quotes

    “Tell me whom you love and 
    I will tell you who you are.”

    Sad Quotes

    “Trust your intuition and 
    be guided by love.”

    Sad Quotes

    “We love it because it’s the 
    only true adventure.”

    Sad Quotes on Love

    Short Sad Quotes 

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